Soprano 2.8.0 released

Soprano 2.8.0 is the latest major release of the Qt RDF storage and parsing framework. It is targetted towards KDE 4.9 users and comes with a bunch of improvements over the 2.7 series:

  • Improved NRLModel query prefix expansion.
  • Support for plain SQL queries in the Virtuoso backend (required for improvements in Nepomuk).
  • Introduced new query language flag QueryLanguageSparqlNoInference. This language is not supported by any backends. It is supposed to be used in clients like Nepomuk to avoid the usage of long user types which are harder to read.
  • Convert Virtuoso IRI_ID values into simple literal strings. At some point if the need arises we might call ID_TO_IRI() to convert them into URIs.
  • New boolean option "noStatementSignals" in the Virtuoso backend which will disable Model::statementsAdded() and friends.
  • Improved local unix socket communication in the server/client system: A custom socket implementation as a replacment for QLocalSocket makes it possible to use one socket across threads.