Soprano 2.6.0 released

Although being a major release Soprano 2.6.0 brings only small changes as compared to 2.5. It's main purpose is to accompany the release of KDE 4.6.

  • Fixed handling of xsd:boolean in SPARQL queries in the Virtuoso backend (this is a hack that might not work in all situations)
  • Added new parameter for the Virtuoso backend: QueryTimeout allows to set a maximum query exeution time.
  • Added new parameter for the Virtuoso backend: RestartOnCrash will restart the Virtuoso server if it crashes.
  • QueryResultIterator::next() now always returns false for boolean results. This breaks behaviour compared to previous versions. However, always returning true as before results in endless loops if the client does not check the type of the query result. Thus, in the interest of stability this change has been made anyway.
  • Lock the storage dir of a running virtuoso instance to avoid reusing it.