Soprano 2.2 released

I am proud to announce the release of Soprano 2.2.

Although no major release Soprano 2.2 marks the next step in handling of RDF data. It comes with some important new features like the new SparqlModel which provides a simple Model-based front-end to arbitrary HTTP SPARQL endpoints or very convenient API improvements such as the Node::toN3 method which provides a very easy way to format a node (see below for a full list of changes).

Sadly transaction support has not been completed yet and needed to be put off until Soprano 2.3. The same is true for the Virtuoso backend which will hopefully make Java obsolete on the KDE desktop.

Soprano 2.2 is intended to accompany the release of KDE 4.2 later today.

Get it today (and build binary packages for your distributions so we can be sure everybody running KDE 4.2 uses Soprano 2.2) from the revamped Sourceforge Soprano Download page.