Soprano 2.0.98 alpha1 released

KDE 4.1 comes close and so does Soprano 2.1. To be ready for the first KDE 2.1 alpha I hereby declare Soprano 2.0.98 as released. Get it while its warm and enjoy a preview of the new features:

  • SignalCacheModel to restrict the number of emitted statementsAdded and statementsRemoved signals in a certain timeframe.
  • Raptor serializer now supports all raptor serializer factory names which are mapped to Soprano
    user serialization types.
  • Changed mimetype of N-Triples to "application/n-triples"
  • New filter model DBusExportModel which exports a single Model via D-Bus.
  • The onto2vocabularyclass tool is now installed by default.
  • New sopranocmd feature: export only part of a model based on a SPARQL construct query.
  • Added OWL Lite resource instances for easy access to OWL Lite members
  • Finer grained control over the D-Bus server components:
    • Soprano::Server::DBusExportModel exports a single model
    • Soprano::Server::DBusExportIterator exports a single iterator
  • Finer grained access to objects exported via D-Bus:
    the Soprano::Client::DBusXXXIterator classes provide thin wrappers around Soprano iterators
    exported via D-Bus
  • New method IndexFilterModel::rebuildIndex to rebuild the complete index.
  • New filter model ReadOnlyModel which does exactly what its name suggests: it blocks all writing operations.
  • The unix socket client has been replaced be the LocalSocketClient based on the QLocalSocket which was
    introduced in QT 4.4. As a result of the design on QLocalServer and QLocalSocket the server is not
    multithreaded anymore.
  • New Backend method "deleteModelData"
  • New AsyncModel to asyncroneously execute commands on any model.