Soprano 2.0.1 released

The Soprano team is proud to announce the release of Soprano 2.0.1. This maintenance release fixes a number of issues with 2.0:

  • Fixed method statementCount in Sesame2 backend
  • Redland backend: Always encode strings as xls:string rather than rdfs:Literal values to match the Soprano guidelines.
  • Always set a dummy base URI in the raptor serializer
  • Fixed formatting of dateTime values.
  • Fixed NRL namespace
  • Fixed NAO namespace
  • Fixed plugin loading on MAC OS/X

Soprano 2.0 released

The Soprano development team is proud to announce the release of Soprano 2.0, the completely revamped stable version of the powerful desktop RDF framework.

Soprano 1.99.0 Release Candidate 2 released

Of course one release candidate is not enough so here comes the second one. An improved N-Quads parser can now handle multi-line literals; the header xmls.h has been renamed to the more in align with standards xsd.h; we have a new friend in Soprano::Vocabulary: Xesam, the metadata ontology.

Soprano 1.98.0 Release Candidate 1 released

Finally Soprano 2 has reached release candidate status. This release fixes a bug in the full text index and introduces a new serialization including parser and serializer plugins: N-Quads, a trivial extension of N-Triples with context support. Also sopranocmd now supports two new commands: 'import' and 'export'.

Soprano 1.97.1 beta4 released

Beta4 just fixes a compilation issue with beta3. If you had no problems with beta3, then you can ignore this update.

Soprano 1.97.0 beta3 released

Beta 3 brings a lot of bugfixes and little improvements over the silent beta 2 such as a Trig parser based on a recent version of raptor. We are close to a final release now.

Soprano 1.90.0 beta1 released

The Soprano team is proud to present the first preview release of the next generation of Soprano, the object-oriented RDF framework. A lot of effort and work has gone into Soprano 2 and the result is a highly usable and intuitive API that fulfills all your RDF needs.

Soprano is an object-oriented RDF framework written entirely in C++/QT4. It is targetted at applications that need RDF data storage on the desktop.

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