Soprano 2.5.3 released

Soprano 2.5.3 is the third maintenance release in the 2.5 series. It fixes a multithreading
issue in LiteralValue and makes the SopranoAddOntology cmake macro clean up after itself which
fixes issues with some Nepomuk cmake macros.
Grab it and update your binary packages now.

Soprano 2.5.63 (beta1) released

Soprano 2.5.63 is the first beta release for the upcoming 2.6 series. It is intended to be used
with KDE SC 4.6 beta 1.

Soprano 2.5.2 released

Soprano 2.5.2 is the second maintenance release of the 2.5 series. This time I am really following the "release often, release early" paradigm of open source. This release brings two small changes which are important for KDE:

Soprano 2.5.1 released

Soprano 2.5.1 is the first maintenance release of the 2.5 series. It features only one change important to the KDE SC: the working directory of the Virtuoso process is set to the storage directory to avoid random checkpoint_in_progress files popping up all over the place.

Soprano 2.5.0 released

Proudly presenting Soprano 2.5.0 - the release to go with KDE SC 4.5.
There are a few nice new things in 2.5:

Soprano 2.4.64 released

Soprano 2.4.64 is a beta release of the upcoming 2.5 series which will accompany KDE SC 4.5. Package this version of Soprano with the current KDE SC 4.5 beta releases.

Soprano 2.4.4 released

Soprano 2.4.4 is a bugfix release - probably the last one before the release of Soprano 2.5. It features the following changes:

Soprano 2.4.3 released

Soprano 2.4.3 is a bugfix release mainly of interest for KDE users. It features a quick and ugly fix for LocalSocketClient::isConnected which actually tries to connect instead of checking if a connection has been established in the current thread.

Soprano 2.4.2 released

The improvements never stop: Soprano 2.4.2 fixes a few bugs in the 2.4 series:

Soprano 2.4.1 released

"With every new KDE SC release there is a new Soprano release." Well, that is not entirely true but often holds. This time Soprano 2.4.1 accompanies KDE SC 4.4.1 and adds a few minor improvements over 2.4.0:

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