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Soprano 2.2.1 released

Soprano 2.2.1 is a small update which does not contain any serious fixes. It simply adds two features which are needed in a Nepomuk-related Mandriva project:

  • Added removeAllStatements support in SparqlModel (by iterating over all statements).
  • Added SparqlModel::setPath to override the previously hard-coded query path.

Soprano 2.2 released

I am proud to announce the release of Soprano 2.2.

Although no major release Soprano 2.2 marks the next step in handling of RDF data. It comes with some important new features like the new SparqlModel which provides a simple Model-based front-end to arbitrary HTTP SPARQL endpoints or very convenient API improvements such as the Node::toN3 method which provides a very easy way to format a node (see below for a full list of changes).

Soprano 2.1.67 released

Soprano 2.1.67 is the first release candidate for Soprano 2.2 which will be the release to accompany KDE 4.2. This release brings some fixes and improvements and should be considered stable.

Soprano 2.1.64 beta 1 released

It has been a while since the last Soprano release. Now that the beta of KDE 4.2 will be released we also need a new Soprano beta. Sadly I did not manage to finish the new transaction API yet. So Soprano 2.2 will mostly be about fixes and a lot of polishing.
Get the beta now from the download section.

Soprano 2.1.1 released

Soprano 2.1.1 adds a README file pointing to the Sesame2 sources as requested by linux distributors.

Soprano 2.1 released

I am proud to announce the release of Soprano 2.1, the RDF storage/parsing/serialization framework based on Qt 4. Soprano 2.1 comes with a set of improvements and new features as compared to 2.0 and will accompany the upcoming KDE 4.1 release.

Soprano 2.0.99 RC1 released

Quite a few bugs have been fixed since 2.0.98 and 2.0.99 is ready to be shipped with KDE 4.1 RC1.
Most noticeable are encoding fixes in the parser and serializer as well as multithreading improvements in the local socket client.

Soprano 2.0.98 alpha1 released

KDE 4.1 comes close and so does Soprano 2.1. To be ready for the first KDE 2.1 alpha I hereby declare Soprano 2.0.98 as released. Get it while its warm and enjoy a preview of the new features:

  • SignalCacheModel to restrict the number of emitted statementsAdded and statementsRemoved signals in a certain timeframe.
  • Raptor serializer now supports all raptor serializer factory names which are mapped to Soprano
    user serialization types.
  • Changed mimetype of N-Triples to "application/n-triples"

Soprano 2.0.3 released

One could ask why there are so many bugfix releases for Soprano these days. Well, the reason is simple: we are in the process of preparing the Nepomuk project review. That includes a lot of testing. :)

There are only two fixes but one of them seemed important enough for a new release.

  • Fixed a string caching bug in LiteralValue which resulted in invalid string representations when assigning a QDate, QTime, QDateTime, or QByteArray via operator=

Soprano 2.0.2 released

It has not been long since 2.0.1 but 2.0.2 introduces an important change (not really a fix) in the MutexModel.

MutexModel in ReadWriteMultiThreading mode now allows multiple read operations from the same thread at the same time even if a write operation is waiting. This fixes a deadlock in the Nepomuk Strigi backend from KDE.

Source package from now on available.

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