Soprano 2.8.0 released

Soprano 2.8.0 is the latest major release of the Qt RDF storage and parsing framework. It is targetted towards KDE 4.9 users and comes with a bunch of improvements over the 2.7 series:

Soprano 2.7.6 released

Soprano 2.7.6 is another bugfix release in the 2.7 series. It comes with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Support for the new SPARQL 1.1 DELETE statement which omits the graph to delete from for faster removeAllStatement execution in the Virtuoso backend.
  • Support for the new default graph query result format of Virtuoso >= 6.1.5.
  • Fixed apidox generation with Doxygen 1.8.0.

Soprano 2.7.5 released

It is time for another Soprano release. This time there are a few useful fixes. Soprano 2.7.5 comes with the following fixes and improvements as compared to 2.7.4:

Soprano 2.7.4 released

Soprano 2.7.4 is another bugfix release in the 2.7 series:

  • Enabled large file support (_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64) to fix large DB file locking on 32bit machines.
  • Do not use an event loop when waiting for Virtuoso to initialize.
  • In the socket client: simply close the connection in case of a timeout. We cannot recover from it anyway.

Soprano 2.7.3 released

Soprano 2.7.3 comes with two small improvements over 2.7.2:

  • Soprano can now be built with cmake 2.6 again (2.6.4 to be exact - matching the min requirement for kdelibs 4.7.3)
  • The Virtuoso backend now emits a signal when the virtuoso instance goes down. This is used by Nepomuk to restart if Virtuoso crashed or was killed by a third party.

It is recommended for packagers to use Soprano 2.7.3 with KDE 4.7.3.

Soprano 2.7.2 released

I hereby announce the release of Soprano 2.7.2, the second bugfix release in the Soprano 2.7 series. It comes with the following fixes:

Soprano 2.7.1 and 2.6.1 released

Soprano 2.7.1 and 2.6.1 are bugfix releases which fix a crash in the DBus communication.
2.7.1 is the recommended release for recent Linux distributions, 2.6.1 should be used on systems which still use Raptor 1.
Please DO NOT USE these releases as the appent fix they contain actually makes things worse. I am working on a real fix.

Soprano 2.7.0 released

Soprano 2.7.0 is finally there with a full port to Raptor2 thanks to the work by Smit Shah and Artem Serebinsky. Changed as compared to the 2.6 series include:

Soprano 2.6.51 released

Soprano 2.6.51 is the first release candidate of Soprano 2.7. It is intended to be used with KDE 4.7 RC1.

Soprano 2.6.0 released

Although being a major release Soprano 2.6.0 brings only small changes as compared to 2.5. It's main purpose is to accompany the release of KDE 4.6.

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