Soprano  2.7.56
Soprano Development Tools

Soprano provides two small tools that can make the life of a developer easier.


sopranocmd is a simple command line client to access Soprano repositories or the Soprano::Server. sopranocmd's usage is rather simple. It provides a comprehensive help message which can be accessed via:

 sopranocmd --help


onto2vocabularyclass is a small tool which creates C++ namespaces for ontologies such as Soprano::Vocabulary::RDF or Soprano::Vocabulary::NRL. Usage is as follows:

 onto2vocabularyclass --name <name> --encoding <encoding> [--namespace <ns>] [--export-module <module>|--no-visibility-export] <ontologyfile>

The value of --name is use as the name of the generated namespace (the RDF in Soprano::Vocabulary::RDF).

The optional value of --namespace is used as the surrounding namespace (the Soprano::Vocabulary in Soprano::Vocabulary::RDF). If none is specified the global namespace is used.

The value of --encoding specifies the encoding of the ontologyfile used for parsing.

For historical reasons by default the Soprano visibility macro SOPRANO_EXPORT is used. This can be changed by specifying the visibility export module through --export-module or disabling visibility all together with --no-visibility-export. The latter is useful if the namespace is not part of a public API. When using the --export-module parameter the value is used to generate the macro (<module>_EXPORT) and to generate the include file (<module>_export.h) which has to exist and define the macro.

See Some CMake Magic for simple integration of onto2vocabularyclass in the build system.