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Soprano::Server::DBusExportModel Class Reference

Exports a Soprano Model via D-Bus. More...

#include <Soprano/Server/DBusExportModel>

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 DBusExportModel (Model *model=0)
 ~DBusExportModel ()
bool registerModel (const QString &dbusObjectPath)
void unregisterModel ()
QString dbusObjectPath () const

Detailed Description

Exports a Soprano Model via D-Bus.

DBusExportModel is a FilterModel like any other. As such, it can occure anywhere in a stack of models. However, the model exported via D-Bus is actually the FilterModel::parentModel, not the DBusExportModel itself. Thus, subclassing DBusExportModel to modify the behaviour of methods called via D-Bus does not make sense. Instead stack the DBusExportModel on top of your own custom FilterModel.

For creating a simple Soprano D-Bus server see ServerCore::registerAsDBusObject.

The interface exported can be accessed via Client::DBusModel.

DBusExportModel automatically makes use of a Util::AsyncModel as parent model to create delayed D-Bus replies. If the parent model is not a Util::AsyncModel all calls will be performed syncroneously.

Sebastian Trueg
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Soprano D-Bus Interface

Definition at line 59 of file dbusexportmodel.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Create a new D-Bus export model.

modelThe parent model which should be exported.


Member Function Documentation

bool Soprano::Server::DBusExportModel::registerModel ( const QString dbusObjectPath)

Register the model under the given D-Bus object path.

See also:

Unregister the model from D-Bus.

See also:

The path this model is exported on. This is an empty string if the model is not exported.

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