Soprano  2.7.56
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Soprano::Inference::StatementPattern Class Reference

Building block of an inference Rule. More...

#include <Soprano/Inference/StatementPattern>

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Public Member Functions

 StatementPattern ()
 StatementPattern (const NodePattern &, const NodePattern &, const NodePattern &)
 StatementPattern (const StatementPattern &)
 ~StatementPattern ()
StatementPattern operator= (const StatementPattern &)
NodePattern subjectPattern () const
NodePattern predicatePattern () const
NodePattern objectPattern () const
bool match (const Statement &) const
QString createSparqlGraphPattern (const BindingSet &bindings) const
bool isValid () const

Detailed Description

Building block of an inference Rule.

A StatementPattern consists of three NodePattern that can either be variables or already bound ndoes.

StatementPattern is used to define preconditions and effects in Rule.

Sebastian Trueg

Definition at line 52 of file statementpattern.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Creates an invalid pattern

Member Function Documentation

StatementPattern Soprano::Inference::StatementPattern::operator= ( const StatementPattern )
true if the pattern is valid.

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