Soprano  2.7.56
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Soprano::Inference::RuleSet Class Reference

A set of inference rules. More...

#include <Soprano/Inference/RuleSet>

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Public Member Functions

 RuleSet ()
 RuleSet (const RuleSet &)
 ~RuleSet ()
RuleSetoperator= (const RuleSet &)
void clear ()
void insert (const QString &name, const Rule &rule)
int count () const
Rule at (int index) const
Rule operator[] (int index) const
Rule rule (const QString &name) const
Rule operator[] (const QString &name) const
QStringList ruleNames () const
QList< RuleallRules () const

Static Public Member Functions

static RuleSet standardRuleSet (StandardRuleSet)

Detailed Description

A set of inference rules.

RuleSet represents a set of inference rules. Each Rule has a unique name.

Sebastian Trueg

Definition at line 54 of file inferenceruleset.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Create an empty RuleSet.

Copy constructor.


Member Function Documentation

RuleSet& Soprano::Inference::RuleSet::operator= ( const RuleSet )
void Soprano::Inference::RuleSet::insert ( const QString name,
const Rule rule 

Add a Rule to the set.

nameThe name the new rule is supposed to be stored under.
ruleThe new rule to store in the set.

Number of rules in the set.

The number of rules.
Rule Soprano::Inference::RuleSet::at ( int  index) const
Rule Soprano::Inference::RuleSet::operator[] ( int  index) const
Rule Soprano::Inference::RuleSet::operator[] ( const QString name) const

Read a standard Soprano rulset.

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