Soprano  2.7.56
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Soprano::Client::LocalSocketClient Class Reference

Creates a connection to the Soprano server through a local socket interface. More...

#include <Soprano/Client/LocalSocketClient>

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Public Slots

bool connect (const QString &name=QString())
void disconnect ()

Public Member Functions

 LocalSocketClient (QObject *parent=0)
virtual ~LocalSocketClient ()
bool isConnected () const
ModelcreateModel (const QString &name, const QList< BackendSetting > &settings=QList< BackendSetting >())
void removeModel (const QString &name)

Detailed Description

Creates a connection to the Soprano server through a local socket interface.

The Soprano server supports more than one way of communication. Beside D-Bus (see DBusClient) it can be contacted via a local socket.

Models creates by this client are thread-safe and provide faster access to the server than D-Bus communication.

The LocalSocketClient does not support signals. Thus, the models created by it will not emit signals such as Model::statementAdded.
Sebastian Trueg

Definition at line 57 of file localsocketclient.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Create a new Client instance.


Member Function Documentation

Check if the client is connected to a server.

true if this client is connected to a server, false otherwise.

Creates a new Model instance that wraps a server model. Client models are very light wrappers and creating them is very fast.

nameThe name of the model to access.
settingsThe settings to send to the server for creating a new model. These settings may be ignored by the server if a model with that name has already been created.
A new Model instance wrapping the requested server model or 0 on error (check lastError() for details.)

Deletes a model including all its data.

nameThe name of the model to remove.
Calling this method will remove all data physically. It can not be reverted. Use with care.
bool Soprano::Client::LocalSocketClient::connect ( const QString name = QString()) [slot]

Tries to connect to the Soprano server.

true on success, false if an error occured. Check lastError() for details.

Disconnect from the server. The created model instances are not deleted but remain useless; open iterators are closed.

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