Soprano  2.8.0
RDF Storage

The central class in Soprano is Soprano::Model which represents an RDF repository. Model provides methods to add, remove, and list statements and to query the repository.

The actual work is done by storage plugins (Soprano::Backend).

Model instances are mostly created by the plugin implementations through the Soprano::Backend::createModel() methods. In the most simple case one does not need to bother with Soprano::Backend though, as the basic methods are duplicated in the Soprano namespace. Thus, to create a simple memory model using the default Soprano backend:

Finer grained control can be achieved by using the Backend directly:

 Soprano::Backend* backend = Soprano::discoverBackendByName( "redland" );
 Soprano::Model* model = backend->createModel();

Soprano makes use of contexts, i.e. named graphs. Thus, statements as represented by Soprano::Statement are actually RDF quadruples.

For further details on Soprano::Model usage see the class and method documentation.

For details on existing backends see: