Soprano  2.8.0
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Soprano::Inference Namespace Reference


class  InferenceModel
 The Soprano Inference Model provides a simple forward chaining inference engine which uses the underlying parent model itself to store status information. More...
class  Rule
 A rule used by the InferenceModel to generate inferenced statements. More...
class  RuleParser
 The RuleParser can be used to parse Soprano rule files. More...
class  RuleSet
 A set of inference rules. More...
class  NodePattern
 Smallest building block of an inference Rule. More...
class  StatementPattern
 Building block of an inference Rule. More...


enum  StandardRuleSet { RDFS, NRL }

Enumeration Type Documentation

Soprano defines a number of rule sets.


RDFS closure rules.


NRL (Nepomuk Representation Language closure rules.

Definition at line 37 of file inferenceruleset.h.