Soprano  2.8.0
Soprano::Index Namespace Reference


class  IndexFilterModel
 The IndexFilterModel provides a full text index around any Soprano Model. More...
class  CLuceneIndex
 The CLuceneIndex provides a wrapper around a CLucene index which stores RDF statements. More...
class  QueryHit
 QueryHit represents a hit from an IndexFilterModel query. It basically is an RDF resource combined with a hit score. More...

Detailed Description

The Soprano Index provides a full text search index based on CLucene. It allows very fast full text queries against the literal object nodes in a Soprano Model.

The perfect starting point is IndexFilterModel. Most users will not need more.

In a future version of Soprano the index will be integrated into the query API, allowing for fast full text queries in combination with standard RDF queries. At the moment these have to be done separately (see IndexFilterModel::executeQuery()).