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Soprano::QueryResultIteratorBackend Class Reference

QueryResultIteratorBackend is the actual working horse behind QueryResultIterator. More...

#include <Soprano/QueryResultIteratorBackend>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~QueryResultIteratorBackend ()
virtual bool next ()=0
virtual BindingSet current () const
virtual Statement currentStatement () const =0
virtual Node binding (const QString &name) const =0
virtual Node binding (int offset) const =0
virtual int bindingCount () const =0
virtual QStringList bindingNames () const =0
virtual bool isGraph () const =0
virtual bool isBinding () const =0
virtual bool isBool () const =0
virtual bool boolValue () const =0

Protected Member Functions

 QueryResultIteratorBackend ()

Detailed Description

QueryResultIteratorBackend is the actual working horse behind QueryResultIterator.

Each Backend implementation has to have its own version of QueryResultIteratorBackend.

Daniele Galdi
Sebastian Trueg

Definition at line 46 of file queryresultiteratorbackend.h.

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Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Soprano::QueryResultIteratorBackend::next ( ) [pure virtual]

For boolean results implementations needs to always return false to avoid endless loops in client applications that omit to check the result type.

See also:

Implements Soprano::IteratorBackend< BindingSet >.

The default implementation constructs the BindingSet using binding() and bindingNames()

See also:

Implements Soprano::IteratorBackend< BindingSet >.

virtual Node Soprano::QueryResultIteratorBackend::binding ( const QString name) const [pure virtual]
See also:
QueryResultIterator::binding(const QString&)
virtual Node Soprano::QueryResultIteratorBackend::binding ( int  offset) const [pure virtual]
See also:
virtual int Soprano::QueryResultIteratorBackend::bindingCount ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual bool Soprano::QueryResultIteratorBackend::isGraph ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual bool Soprano::QueryResultIteratorBackend::isBinding ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual bool Soprano::QueryResultIteratorBackend::isBool ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual bool Soprano::QueryResultIteratorBackend::boolValue ( ) const [pure virtual]

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