Soprano  2.8.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Soprano::Util::AsyncModelFilter model that allows to perform operations asyncroneously
Soprano::Util::AsyncQueryA wrapper around Soprano::Model which executes a query in a separate thread and allows to iterate the results asyncroneously
Soprano::Util::AsyncResultA delayed result as returned by AsyncModel
Soprano::BackendSoprano::Backend defines the interface for a Soprano backend plugin
Soprano::BackendSettingWraps one setting for Model creation
Soprano::BindingSetRepresents one set of bindings in the result of a select query
Soprano::Index::CLuceneIndexThe CLuceneIndex provides a wrapper around a CLucene index which stores RDF statements
Soprano::Client::DBusClientCore class to handle a connection to a Soprano server through the DBus interface
Soprano::Server::DBusExportIteratorExports a Soprano Iterator via D-Bus
Soprano::Server::DBusExportModelExports a Soprano Model via D-Bus
Soprano::Client::DBusModelInterface to a DBus server model
Soprano::Client::DBusNodeIteratorInterface to a DBus server node iterator
Soprano::Client::DBusQueryResultIteratorInterface to a DBus server query result iterator
Soprano::Client::DBusStatementIteratorInterface to a DBus server statement iterator
Soprano::Util::DummyModelA dummy model. All its methods do nothing and always fail with a default error
Soprano::Error::ErrorRepresents an error in Soprano
Soprano::Error::ErrorCacheCore class of Soprano's exception system
Soprano::FilterModelA FilterModel is a virtual model that wraps another Model
Soprano::GraphA simple collection of statements
Soprano::Index::IndexFilterModelThe IndexFilterModel provides a full text index around any Soprano Model
Soprano::Inference::InferenceModelThe Soprano Inference Model provides a simple forward chaining inference engine which uses the underlying parent model itself to store status information
Soprano::Iterator< T >The basic Soprano iterator class
Soprano::IteratorBackend< T >The actual work in a Iterator instance is done by an IteratorBackend
Soprano::LanguageTagA LanguageTag represents a language according to RFC 3066 and RFC 4646
Soprano::LiteralValueRepresents a literal value of an RDF Node
Soprano::Client::LocalSocketClientCreates a connection to the Soprano server through a local socket interface
Soprano::Error::LocatorDetails of a parser Error
Soprano::ModelA Model is the central class in Soprano. It is a queryable collection of RDF quadruples, i.e statements
Soprano::Util::MutexModelProtect a Model for multiple calls in multi-threaded applications
Soprano::N3NodeParserParser which converts N3 string representation of nodes into Node objects
Soprano::NodeA Node represents one RDF resource
Soprano::NodeIteratorAn iterator that provides a stream of Nodes
Soprano::Inference::NodePatternSmallest building block of an inference Rule
Soprano::NRLModelModel filter that makes working with NRL data simpler
Soprano::ParserSoprano::Parser defines the interface for a Soprano RDF parser plugin
Soprano::Error::ParserErrorRepresents a parser error in Soprano
Soprano::PluginBase class for all plugins in Soprano
Soprano::PluginManagerThe PluginManager loads and maintains all Soprano plugins
Soprano::Index::QueryHitQueryHit represents a hit from an IndexFilterModel query. It basically is an RDF resource combined with a hit score
Soprano::QueryResultIteratorAn iterator for query results
Soprano::QueryResultIteratorBackendQueryResultIteratorBackend is the actual working horse behind QueryResultIterator
Soprano::RdfSchemaModelProvides convenience methods to handle RDFS data
Soprano::Util::ReadOnlyModelSimple filter model preventing any write operations
Soprano::Inference::RuleA rule used by the InferenceModel to generate inferenced statements
Soprano::Inference::RuleParserThe RuleParser can be used to parse Soprano rule files
Soprano::Inference::RuleSetA set of inference rules
Soprano::SerializerSoprano::Serializer defines the interface for a Soprano RDF serializer plugin
Soprano::Server::ServerCoreCentral Soprano server class
Soprano::Util::SignalCacheModelCaches multiple signals into one to avoid slowdown when adding or removing many statements
Soprano::Util::SimpleNodeIteratorThe most simple version of a NodeIterator simply iterates over a list of Nodes
Soprano::Util::SimpleStatementIteratorThe most simple version of a StatementIterator simply iterates over a list of Statements
Soprano::Client::SparqlModelRemote client Model for Http SPARQL end points
Soprano::StatementA Statement instance represents one RDF quadruple
Soprano::StatementIteratorAn iterator that provides a stream of Statements
Soprano::Inference::StatementPatternBuilding block of an inference Rule
Soprano::StorageModelBase class for all Model implementations that store data (as compared to FilterModel)
Soprano::Client::TcpClientCreates a connection to the Soprano server through a TCP connection